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Blackjack Hinweise und Tipps

If you're looking for an advantage when playing Blackjack either online or in your local casino then take a look at our comprehensive list of top Blackjack Tips below:

Play multiple hands - Though you might bet a little more each hand to play two spots, statistics show there is less variation during multiple-hand play. This is a great way to make your bankroll last, especially if you're working on grabbing a bonus.

Double on soft hands against dealers breaking card - You might think that a soft 18 (A-7) looks pretty good. But against a dealers breaking card (2-6), chances are you can double your money, even if you take a card that decreases your hand. If you're feeling bold, double on soft 19 (A-8), but only against a dealers 6. It can be scary, but is a winning move in the long-run!

Press your bet after wins - To win at blackjack faster, double your bet after the first win, and then add to your bet a little more after each subsequent win. Go back to your minimum bet once you lose a hand, and decrease your bet if you hit a cold streak.

Pad your bankroll - Especially in blackjack, where it is not uncommon to experience large swings before getting to a modest win, you want to play with only a small fraction of your bankroll.

Set a win goal - Setting a goal for your session will help you become a more consistent winner. Experts recommend 30% of your bankroll. For example, $150 if you start with $500. If this seems conservative, remember that the more you aim to win, the greater the chances of going broke before you hit your target.

Practice "casual counting" - Even if you haven't mastered the art of card counting, you can use the same principle the pros use to get an edge. If you're not playing a continuous shuffle game, look for large clusters of ten or more smaller cards (6 or less). Then, increase your bet. Why? The odds of getting blackjack, twenty, and of the dealer busting have just gone up!

Know the "musts" - However you choose how to play blackjack, there a few golden rules that give the player such a large advantage, you should always play them. They are: always split eights and aces. Never split tens or fives. Always double down on eleven.

Surrender if able - Some casinos offer "late surrender". That is, the ability to "surrender" half of your bet after the dealer checks for blackjack. This rule works in your favor if you have a 16 or 15 against the dealers 10 or ace. It can be tempting to hit that 16 to see if a 5 will come down, but in the long run you will lose a lot less money if you take advantage of the surrender rule.

Watch the rules - Almost every casino you will play at has slightly different rules for playing blackjack. The rules vary by how many decks are used, how often the decks are shuffled (on most online casinos it is after every hand), when doubles are allowed, how often you can split, and whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17. Look for games that use fewer decks, stand on a dealers soft 17, allow doubles on any two cards and after splitting, and allow late surrender. Some casinos may even offer non-traditional lower payouts on blackjack (6:5 is most common) in exchange for seemingly more favorable rules. Run, don't walk, away from these tables, as the impact this change has on the house edge is enormous!

Playing insurance and even money - Insurance against a dealer's ace is a "sucker bet" and should be avoided entirely unless you are counting cards and know there is a high percentage of tens in the deck. Even money is a variation of insurance where the house will offer you even money (instead of 3:2) on a blackjack if the dealer has an ace showing. Like insurance, you're giving away money in the long-run by taking even money.

Blackjack Bonuses - While blackjack is the best game for players statistically, it may not be the best game to use for earning online casino bonuses. Many casinos require a higher play-through to collect a bonus playing blackjack than playing other games. Check the fine print of your casinos bonus offer before playing.


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