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The Gamble Society news page brings you the latest breaking gambling news stories from every corner of the online gambling world. Thanks to our network of gambling correspondents that we have strategically positioned around the globe, The Gamble Society is able to publish gambling news stories as and when they happen – and that is usually well in advance of the mainstream media finding out about them.

All of this means that you get to find out about the latest online gambling promotions, bonuses, jackpots, and winners long before anyone else does. In fact, you could say that reading The Gamble Society gambling news page on a regular basis gives you just as much knowledge as a true industry insider – and that’s something that can help any serious gambling enthusiast to both make and save money!

Armed with The Gamble Society news feed, you will never again wonder about where the biggest jackpots are, which casino is offering the most generous cash bonuses or what kind of promotions you can expect to participate in over the next few weeks and months. Instead, all of this gambling news is delivered to you so that you have it at your fingertips whenever you want it – simply visit this gambling news page and help yourself!

Ladbrokes Acquire Betting Exchange Betdaq

Ladbrokes has made its first acquisition since new Chief Executive Richard Glynn took over, with their proposed buyout of the Irish online betting exchange Betdaq confirmed yesterday. The deal is expected to complete in February, and it is hoped that it will go some way to helping Ladbrokes maintain their position in the increasingly competitive online betting market. For the details, and how this could benefit you as a Ladbrokes or Betdaq customer, read on.

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One of the things that makes The Gamble Society gambling news feed so unique is that it doesn’t simply throw every available piece of breaking gambling news at you. Instead, our team of journalists works hard to sort the wheat from the chaff and discard everything that isn’t truly newsworthy. That leaves a more select stream of gambling news items that can be verified, categorised and delivered as effectively as possible. The end result is a vital and dynamic gambling news service that you can trust to be as relevant and genuinely useful as you want it to be.

The online gambling industry is incredibly fast-moving, so fresh gambling news stories appear here at The Gamble Society several times each week. It is well worth book marking this page so that you can check back directly from your browser every time you intend to play online. Any given gambling news item could help you to make or save a small fortune, so over the course of a year the difference that our gambling news service could make to your bottom line could be huge.

Whether you want to make money, save money or simply keep up to speed with the ever-changing world of online gambling, The Gamble Society gambling news service is ready when you are – 24/7!


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